Zimbabwe Agric Show (ZAS) 2021

Bike handover by His Excellence the President of Zimbabwe, Dr E.D Mnangagwa. Recipient, Dares Shambare, best overall Agritex Officer from Mashonaland Central.

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Zimbabwe International Trade Fair 2021

You reap what you sow! Agriseeds's Sales Agronomist, Social Shava at ZITF 2021.

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In support of the girl child

Agriseeds (Pvt) Ltd identified Sahumani Girls Rugby Team a.k.a (Valley Giants), and commenced full sponsorship since 2017. To imagine 3 girls from Sahumani Girls Rugby team making it into the Sables Women Rugby, Zimbabwe Women's National Team is no small feat. What an achievement! What with Trish Kanemiri making it into the final team that played Rugby Fifteens against Zambia on the 2nd and 5th of June 2021

Award Winner!

The Internationally renowned Chartered Institute of Customer Relationship Management (CICRM) crowning Agriseeds with the Most Trusted Brand Award three times in a row, 2017, 2018 and 2019. What an achievement, itself no mean feat as endorsed by the customer.

What makes good seed?

Good seed culminates in high yields. Disease is an issue with living organisms and the same is with seed. Seed that is not susceptible to diseases qualifies for good seed. When a farmers sows, poor or no germination of seed at all does not pronounce good seed. Excellent yield is a function of excellent germination. At above 95% germination rate, Agriseeds assures the nation good yields, other conditions remaining good. Read More

Agriseeds donates to worthy cause!

Mother of tripplets, Olinda Maphosa receives a donation from Agriseeds represented by Mr Ivan Craig (Sales Director), at the handover ceremony graced by the Minister of Information and Publicity, Honourable Minister Monica Mutsvangwa in Mutare recently, May 2021.

Agriseeds Shining!!!

Social Corporate Responsibility through respect for wetlands earns Agriseeds top award. The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) in conjunction with The Corporate Social Responsibility Network Zimbabwe (CSRNZ) honoured Agriseeds with this top recognition at an awards ceremony on 27th November 2020 held at the HICC. Graced by the Honourable Minister Professor Paul Mavima as Guest of Honour, the event also attracted some other Government Ministers and Deputies.

This noble award symbolises deliberate environmental Corporate effort, encouraging companies to be more environmentally responsible, especially given the possible impact of Industry and Business on the environment. Agriseeds deliberately avoiding wetlands as demonstrations plots are set up inland, in and around towns as well as along highways in Zimbabwe. This award coming as it did was no mean achievement.

The Cradle of yield

Farmers, did you know this? Yield is a function of genetic potential, environmental potential as well as farmer management practice. Cultural practices also come into play, such issues like weeding, pest control, planting time and scouting are vital farmer yield pointers.

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ZAP73, New Kid at Agriseeds!

Long season maturing semi flint white maize hybrid. Matures within 138-145 days. Recommended for ecological regions, (i), (iia), (iib) and irrigation Excellent tolerance to Maize Streak Virus(MSV), Grey Leaf Spot(GLS), Rust and cob rots. Has stay green effect making it good for silage. Ideal for silage since it has high grain and stover yield. Tip cover is very good. Yield potential of +16mt per hectare under good management.

Agriseeds Product Mix

Seed Maize-the ZAP brand, meaning Zimbabwe Agriseeds Product:
• ZAP31
A highly adaptive maize variety recommended for marginal agronomic regions of III, IV and V. Yields are in excess of 8 tons per hectare under good management by the farmer.
• ZAP43
Yet another performer in marginal areas of Zimbabwe, with yields in excess of 9 tons per hectare under good farmer management.
• ZAP51
A new variety with a drought tolerance that qualifies as good, especially in marginal areas of III, IV and V.
• ZAP55
One variety with an exceptionally long cob recommended for green mealies. Its low nitrogen use efficiency is a unique feature recommended for farmers in sandy loamy soils in medium to high rainfall areas of Zimbabwe.
• ZAP61
Also known as Bhuru Remusha, what a thrilling variety that took the market by storm. If drought tolerance, flinty grain quality and flour density are anything to go by, ZAP61 is the variety. Boiling and roasting of green mealies highly compatible with ZAP61.
• ZAP611
Also known as ZAP61 EXTRA, an innovation boasting of similar traits to ZAP61, a universal variety adaptable to all agronomic regions of Zimbabwe.
• ZAP63
If cob length, kennel quality and flour density are anything to go by, farmers in regions I, 11a, IIb and under irrigation strongly recommended to plant this variety. The cob is filled right to the tip under good conditions. A white semi- flinty variety that has all the qualities of a high yielder.
• ZAP73
A rare 7 series variety boasting of excellent drought tolerance. Characterised by a long cob, semi dent kennels, has high flour density, yielding in excess of 14 tons under good farmer management. Yet as a 7 series, it fits well in the medium maturity category.

Your veg today!

Pick your choice…..!
• Broccoli Groene
• Carrot Kuroda
• Carrot Nantes 2 Castle
• Cauliflower Snowbally
• Cucumber Poinsett 76
• Lettuce Crisphead
• Onion Texas Early Grano
• Pepper California Wonder
• Rape English Giant
• Swiss Chard Fordhook
• Tomato Rio Grande
• Tomato Rodade
• Tronchunda Tronchunda
• White Cabbage Balashi